je ne suis rien

Jul 29

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“If you have to go, you know I will go with you.” — Achilles to Patroclus
Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles (2011)

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you can’t tell me montparnasse isn’t the one who kills someone and then proceeds to send fashionable snapchat selfies to everyone in his contact list with no regards to the blood splattered across his face

twist and shout polaroids

twist and shout polaroids

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“[Game of Thrones] shows you all the different ways you can wield power. Psychologically. Physically. Sexually… Dragons.” — Natalie Dormer - SDCC 2014 (via anneboleyns)

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by xxxgenchou

by xxxgenchou

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tear it down yeahhhhhh


tear it down yeahhhhhh

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Accidental Lawyers -

Bahorel stormed into the back room of the Musain one spring afternoon, expression thunderous and clothes in uncharacteristic disarray. He all but threw himself onto a chair and drained the nearest glass of wine in a single swallow. That the glass had formerly belonged to Bossuet did not seem to…

Anonymous said: I have this idea that Courfyrac is really close to his nan.


Courfeyrac loves his nan because she knits the worst sweaters in the world, and that’s Courf’s exact fashion style. He owns jumpers with little lions on them, and one with a huge green “C” on, as well as Christmas themed reindeer ones and Halloween ones with little dotted pumpkins on black wool.

The thing is, she doesn’t stop there. Courf’s nan makes jumpers for homeless children, and gives them to anyone who looks cold living on the streets. That’s coincidentally how Courfeyrac met Feuilly, when they were kids, and ever since, Courf’s nan has been making as many jumpers for Feuilly as she does for Courfeyrac himself.

When Courfeyrac tells her all about Les Amis, she insists on making sweaters for them all. Enjolras gets a red sweater with blacks hems that he wears all the time when he’s ill. Combeferre has one with little books on the front, and he wore it on his and Courf’s first date.

Jehan has a pastel jumper with flowers going up the sleeves; Joly and Bossuet have matching “If found return to Joly”/”I am Joly” jumpers that they love, even if the stitches that make up the words are a little loose fitting. Bahorel has a dark blue one with a rocket on and Grantaire’s is a mixture of every leftover wool that Courf’s nan had, giving it a paint splattered, artistic look.

Now imagine Courfeyrac’s nan knitting a red flag and standing on a barricade with knitting needles and freshly baked cookies. 


Daily reminder that Bossuet is a darling -

He got kicked out of law school because he answered for Marius when their professor called the register in order to get him out of trouble

And when he tells Marius this, and the other man is upset for him, he laughs it off like “no worries man, you saved me from becoming a lawyer - how shit would that have been?”